Payment Options

Payment Options

Budget Plan

  • Breaks your annual fuel bill into 12 payments.
  • Automatically receive 5-cent per gallon prompt pay discount.
  • Enrolled in Price Cap Program automatically each year.

Pay Per Delivery

  • Pay within 30 days after delivery.
  • If paid within 5 days, you get 5 cents per gallon off.
  • If account is PIA, "payment in advance" of a delivery is required.

Ways To Pay

Auto-Pay with Credit Card or ACH on file

  • Auto-pay 1 business day after delivery.
  • Auto-pay budget payments on 15th of month.
  • Auto-pay receives 5-cent per gallon prompt pay discount.

Online Payments

Other Options

  • Mail check.
  • Pay in office.
  • Financing options are available upon request.