Excel Propane is a local family owned company which has been keeping families warm since 1950. The business started in Fruitport, MI under the name Anderson Bottle Gas with the delivery of 100 pound cylinders by pick-up truck to customers’ homes.

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1976: The Kohley family purchased Anderson Bottle Gas Company, which consisted one pick-up truck that was used to delivery 100-lbs propane cylinders to about 350 customers.

1980: The owner, Wayne, purchased Fruitport Bottle Gas which had an office in Fruitport, MI with an onsite propane filling station.  Most importantly, the company’s services expanded to include the installation of bulk tanks and delivery by bobtail trucks (these are the trucks with the big 3000 gallon tank). At this point the company went by the name of Fruitport LP Gas.

1994: The company grew with the opening of a second office in Fremont, MI. At this point the company name was changed to the current name of Excel Propane.

2000: The company was ready to grow again and opened a third office in Hart, MI.

2004: A 30,000 gallon storage tank facility was opened in Newaygo, MI allowing the Fremont office to refill trucks and expand their service area.

2016: Excel Propane acquired another family owned and operated company named Baker’s Propane in Newaygo, MI. The Baker’s customers are now serviced by the Excel family.

2017: A 30,000 gallon storage tank facility was opened in Kent City, MI providing the Fruitport office the opportunity to grow servicing a larger area of West Michigan.

2019: A new office with two 30,000 gallon storage tanks was constructed in Ionia expanding Excel Propane's service area into Mid-Michigan.

2023: Excel Propane expanded into Southwest Michigan with the opening of a new office and two 30,000 gallon storage tanks in Paw Paw, MI.


Excel Propane knows that a combination of great employees and loyal customers have allowed us to continue growing such that we now service a large part of West Michigan (see our service area). We understand that our customers depend on us to keep their homes warm, and when it comes to the safety and comfort of your family, we do things right.


The company is still owned today by Wayne Kohley. His two sons, Zach and Jordan, work in the business with him which provides assurance to our customers that we will remain a local family owned company for many years ahead. The Excel family is not just Wayne and his sons, but all of our employees and customers. We have both employees and customers that have been with Excel for over 30 years.

The Difference

It is our service, commitment to safety, and consistently competitive pricing that sets us apart. With Excel, your calls are answered by our employees at your local office, and not by an automated phone system or out-of-state call center. You will interact with the same people year after year. If there is ever an issue, just call us — we will work it out with you and make it right. Come join the families serviced by Excel Propane and you’ll sleep warm and worry-free with caring and reliable service, and at a competitive price.

A Letter from the Owners

Want to understand what drives us at Excel Propane? Read our letter...

Letter from the Excel Family

We are a local, family-owned company focused on offering you exceptional customer service combined with consistently competitive pricing, year after year. Many of our new customers have previously dealt with high prices, poor service, or both. They are often relieved to find a local company that provides them with great value and also cares.

We believe our success is built upon keeping our customers happy, resulting in long-term relationships.  That’s why we don't have multi-year contracts with cancellation fees for new customers. We believe you will stay with Excel because you are treated right and receive fair prices  – plain and simple.

Don't compromise. Give us a try and upgrade to the "Excel Standard of Service".

Wayne, Zach, and Jordan Kohley