Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Auto Keep-Full Program

  • Automatic delivery to home heating customers.
  • Receive additional 5-cent per gallon discount.
  • Our computer system tracks the weather, making a delivery sooner if it is colder.
  • Must use propane as only source of heat.

Remote Tank Monitors

  • Cellular monitor sends a reading to our office daily, ensuring you don’t run out.
  • View your tank level 24/7 online at
  • Cost: $99 per year.
  • Customers receive 5-cent per gallon discount for being on our Auto Keep Full program.
  • Great for seasonal homes, generators, pool-heaters, and alternative heat homes.

Will-Call Customers

  • Remember to check your gauge! Call or order online when it reads 20-25%.
  • Deliveries guaranteed within 5 business days.
  • Running out of propane requires a leak check to be performed with additional charges assessed.

Delivery Ticket Options


Invoices & statements will be emailed within one business day of delivery.

Ticket Left On Door

Driver will print a delivery ticket, and place it in a door hanger envelope.


Invoices & statements will be mailed to you.