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New Tank Installation Process

propane tank installation

Tank Installation

A common question from new customers is "What is involved in switching companies?". The answer is: Not too much. It is generally a quick and simple process that we do hundreds of times a year. Some details are listed below:

The entire process takes only about 2 hours.

  • We disconnect and remove your current tank.
  • We install your new Excel Propane tank.
  • We complete a leak test and re-light your appliances.
  • You then can call your prior propane provider and let them know to pick up the disconnected tank.
  • Relax! We will take care of you and your family from here on out.

New home? No problem.

We will install the required buried propane gas line to connect our Excel Propane tank to your home.



propane tank sizes

Tank Sizes

Depending on your propane needs we can help you select the appropriate sized tank to have installed:

        • 120-gallon tank: Minimum yearly usage of 70 gallons.
        • 330-gallon tank: Minimum yearly usage of 200 gallons.
        • 500-gallon tank*: Minimum yearly usage of 300 gallons

* This is the most common tank for residential homes.

        • 1000-gallon tank: Minimum yearly usage of 600 gallons.

Underground Tanks

Underground tank installation is available for 500 and 1000 gallon tanks.

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